Samos Island

“The evergreen island of the deep blue Aegean”

Samos is the eastern Greek island of the Aegean sea, which is the nearest one to the coasts of Asia Minor. It has an extension of 475 sq. m. and a population of 33.000 people. Samos is the island of Pythagoras, the father of mathematics and the mythical birthplace of the goddess Hera. Given the island’s long history, there are also many monuments and interesting sites from different historical periods, scattered around the island, such as the Sanctuary of Heraion, the tunnel of Eupalinus, the cave of Pythagoras and the monastery of Panagia Spiliani.

Samos is an emerald island covered in pines, olive trees and the vines that produce the superb Samian wine. Idyllic, with a fascinating past and a promising future, Samos combines a lovely interior with picturesque hamlets and an extraordinary coastline with splendid beaches boasting fine sand or glistening pebbles and a crystalline sea. Here the visitor may choose between the most sophisticated of resorts or the peace and quiet of a remote fishing village.

The coastal line is fringed with numerous stunning beaches and picturesque seaside villages in lush green natural settings such as Kokkari and Pythagorion. Samos also constitutes a perfect destination for hiking lovers; many hiking trails cross the green forests in the center of the island, leading to marvelous waterfalls and secluded coves. Tsamadou, Psili Ammos, Lemonakia and Agios Konstantinos are among the top beaches.